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In biblical days, daughters were often given in marriage as a gift of appreciation to someone who did you an extraordinary service, such as come to your aid in battle or share watering land for sheep. Other than that, suitors would “bid” on a woman with her father, the one willing to part with the most land, livestock, or precious metal being deemed as the most worthy.

As recently as the 1700s and 1800s, fathers chose the daughter’s husband for her supposedly choosing the best husband but usually it was again, the highest bidding suitor. This is still practiced in many parts of the world. In more modern times, suitors would have to win the heart of the father before vying for the heart of the daughter. The Woman’s Liberation Movement put the decision in the hands it should have been in all along, although many women would benefit from their parents advice.

The entire process began to change in the late 1990’s with the conception of the first online dating website that took dear old dad completely out of the picture. In 1995, www.match.com became the first online dating website and since then, it has grown to almost 30 million members worldwide. Today, you cannot log on to your computer without tripping over a dating website. In fact, you cannot watch TV or listen to the radio without eharmony.com doing a little song and dance for your viewing or listening entertainment.

Dating websites have come so far since 1995 that they have specialize like modern day doctors. Take, for example, www.smokingpassions.com, the dating website for people who smoke cigarettes, or veggiedate.org, the online dating service for people who steer clear of meat. (Pun intended) There are literally hundreds of thousands of dating websites of one kind or another for just about anything you can think of. So how do you choose a dating website that is just right for you?

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